Delivery at Brentford

As of this week, Brentford FC will be using the first instalment of the TLS lighting rigs at their brand new stadium, Brentford Community Stadium.

Look forward to seeing the amazing stadium fully open later this year.

The TLS grow lighting rig series includes five tailor made models, the TLS 72, 36, 18, 9 and GU 2- 6. The number indicates the quantity of 1000W lights fitted to each rig.

Grounds for success

TLS at Bramall Lane, Sheffield United FC

It was great to be back at Bramall Lane as this was one of the first stadiums that TLS delivered lighting rigs to.

Thanks to Sheffield United Football Club Limited for letting us spend a day there filming.

“The last three seasons we have had two promotions, and I think a lot of it down to the pitch and these lighting rigs, providing top quality playing surface» Glenn Nortcliffe, Head groundsman at Bramall Lane, Sheffield United FC.

Grounds for success

Testing LED light recipes- the video

LED grow light offers a lot of new possibilities for every sports venue. But which light recipe works best for you? The best way to do research on LED grow light recipes and get the answers you need, is in a climate chamber where you are in full control of all elements. Together with Hortilux Schréder and Demokwekerij Westland we have tested several light recipes on professional grass for sports stadiums in the Hortilux Schréder & Green Simplicity climate chamber at the World Horti Center. Watch this video to get an impression of the research. Curious about LED for your own sports venue? Contact us for more information

Better football turf grass by growing under LED

TLS and Hortilux are testing the way cold and warm climate turf grass responds to several spectra of LED grow light. The first results are very promising: adding LED to the grow light system will increase energy efficiency and provides more possibilities to improve the physiology of the grass. Based on specialised knowledge Hortilux and TLS provide tailored grow light solutions to increase turf quality. Over a hundred football stadiums are already using the grow light solutions provided by TLS and Hortilux.

The LED tests are being carried out in a state-of-the-art climate chamber in which the temperature, CO2, humidity, light and air speed can be fully controlled. In practice, this means that the growth of turf grass is tested in similar temperatures and humidity to what we usually see on the British isles. The test are under independent supervision by Dutch research institute Proeftuin Zwaagdijk.

During the testing, TLS and Hortilux have used several LED light spectra to improve the turf’s thickness, resilience, density and root growth. Initial results suggest that adding LED grow light is a real game-changer.

David Roxburgh, Head Groundsman for Rangers FC, was the first to inspect the results and is truly impressed. “Because of the use of different light spectra, there is a clear difference between the physiology of the grass samples. There is a difference in root strength, length of the grass and coloration. A combination of two of the samples would make an ideal turf for playing football. The root strength is very important because the roots will be an anchor for the turf and become a steady surface to play on. Also the density of the grass is of importance. It should be dense, but should not grow too fast. Otherwise we have to mow a lot and that would cost a lot of energy. ” Says Roxburgh.

In the period to come, several groundsmen from top-flight clubs in England, Spain and Italy will visit the climate chamber to see the results for themselves. The general idea is that increased resilience and denser grass will improve the beautiful game of football!

Additional tests and calibration will be performed over the next few months and the results will be used on the next-generation TLS Smart Rig. This rig will help football clubs to improve the quality of their turf by adding LED grow light with a light spectrum suited to the club’s specific circumstances. 

In addition to improving turf quality, the new rig is 80% more energy-efficient than traditional grow light solutions. This means a smaller carbon footprint and a lower energy bill for your favourite football club.

Delivery to Sheffield United

Great to see existing clients, Sheffield United Football Club, have chosen to increase their fleet of TLS lighting rigs.
TLS is this week delivering two new lighting rigs at Bramall Lane, one TLS 72 and one TLS 36.

TLS is constantly developing new rigs and uses feedback from our customers when adding new features.

We wish the club luck with their pitch development.

Grounds for success

TLS at Saltex

Countdown to Saltex 2019, we cannot wait to exhibit at Saltex 30 & 31 October. You can find us at stand number H189.

TLS create and make innovative turf lighting products and TLS can offer the most flexible system in the market today. We are excited to attend Saltex this year and look forward to meeting up with a lot of interesting people.  

SALTEX is one of the fastest growing trade shows in the UK. It is the annual one-stop-shop for thousands of individuals working to install, manage and maintain the UK’s outdoor leisure spaces.

Grounds for success

TLS is ISO certified

TLS (Turf lighting solutions) is pleased to announce that our quality and environmental management system is now certified and complies with ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001: 2015.

We have worked strategically throughout the fall and winter to achieve this goal. Our growth is dependent on satisfied customers and high quality deliveries.

TLS focuses on quality and the satisfaction of our clients by paying detailed attention to the functionality of our products. We offer turf lighting as a service and we aim to meet your high expectations.

Grounds for success

Service at Rangers FC

We offer turf lighting as a service and we aim to meet your high expectations. 

Our Service Engineer Scott A. Robinson has been at Rangers FC doing service on the TLS lighting rigs.

We create and make innovative turf lighting products and TLS can offer the most flexible system in the market today.

Grounds for success

More lighting rigs to Sheffield United

We are delighted that TLS has been awarded the contract to deliver
two additional lighting rigs to Sheffield United. TLS will deliver one TLS 72’s and one TLS 36 lighting rigs.

We wish the club luck with their pitch development and their comeback to Premier League.

Delivery at MK Dons

Final assembly and site acceptance test of four TLS 36.

These will help MK Dons grow back their pitch and we cannot wait to see the results. Our Service Engineer, Scott Robinson makes sure everything is in order with the lighting rigs. We wish them good luck.

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