Turfpal fra Brugge

Club Brugge are up and running with the new TLS 72T models, inclusive of the TLS online monitoring system, Turfpal.

Turfpal enables local and remote operation of the TLS lighting rigs and it gives the groundman the right tools for better operation, preparation, and understanding of the plant’s needs. This provides a complete and easy to use overview of each aspect of turf monitoring and work flow.


TLS Turfled Hybrid rigs

After rigorous research and development, TLS are proud to announce the release of the new, sustainable TLS Turfled Hybrid rigs.  Complete with various lighting combinations, and integrated TurfpalTM, our web-based turf management system. The rigs combine HPS, LED technology and our Turfpal operating platform to minimise energy consumption, whilst providing optimal growing conditions all year round.

Please get in touch for more information  ms@ra-tls.com

TLS Turf fans

Check out this portable, affordable and innovative Turf fan.

The TLS Turf fan generates all-important air movement, an essential component for a healthy turf on all sports venues.​ TLS Turf fans have raised the bar on surface aeration. The standard features of the fans include durable steel trailer, oscillating assemblies, electric power control and easy to use features.​

This fan has been specially designed in-house for promoting the healthiest turf through improved air circulation, the alleviation of stress and reduction in turf diseases. 

New service van on the road

Scott and Michael are on the road in their new service van, fully equipped to ensure our rigs are serviced and operational all year round.
TLS has locally stored spare parts and tools in key markets.
We aim to have a single point of contact for issues and questions of any kind.  

We pride ourselves on fast and efficient response to our client’s need.

Grounds for success

Yearly service programme

TLS recommends yearly service and checks of the rigs to ensure that wear and tear is taken care of and to ensure that the system will stay fully operational.

Please contact us for further details and information on: service@ra-tls.com

If you want to clean the lamps yourself, Hortilux has made this video to show you how it is done.

We are excited to finally share that we are launching a new product this autumn, Turfpal.

Turfpal is a web based sports turf operations and management solution.  
It comes with multiple modules and applications for turf monitoring, testing, maintenance, analysis, remote monitoring and operation of auxiliary equipment, budgeting and more.
You will get full online access to the system via your PC, tablet, or phone. You can select one, multiple, or all modules to tailor Turfpal to your needs.

All new lighting rigs from TLS will be Turfpal compatible providing you with online monitoring and operation of the lighting rigs anytime and anywhere.

We cannot wait to tell you more. Stay tuned and stay safe.

Webinar: Lighting rigs for golf courses

TLS invites you to our webinar about lighting rigs for golf courses on Thursday 14 May at 10am (Norwegian time).

We offer lighting rigs that can be adjusted to suit all types of golf courses all over the world.
TLS is in the forefront with new technology and advanced technical support.

The webinar is open and free and you can sign in here to attend.

Grounds for success

TLS continues to deliver to golf courses

Some great results from our resent trial on Yokawa Course Hanayashiki Golf Club in Japan on Bent grass using our HPS lighting units.

These photos where take over the duration of the three week trial. Great recovery enabling the course to prolong its playing season and ensure a quality putting surface for its members.

TLS has three specialised rigs for golf greens. The GU-2-6, TLS 9 and TLS 18 have been adjusted to fit golf greens and we are proud to have clients in South Korea, Japan, England and Scotland.

We have made them able to use power from almost all portable generators. Being lightweight and easy to handle, they can be moved by the greenkeepers alone. TLS does not only supply lightrigs for golf, but also assists with plans for how to improve the quality of the greens.

Our experts are at your service, in order to ensure a successful deployment.

Grounds for success

Delivery to Gdansk

Despite of the strict measures due to the corona virus we have been able to deliver lighting rigs to Stadion Energa Gdańsk this week.

With the help from a local consultant in Poland we delivered four TLS 36 lighting rigs following social distancing restrictions throughout the process.

TLS wishes them good luck and future success.

Turf lighting as a service

Say hello to our Service Engineer Scott A. Robinson, based in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Scott travels around the UK and Europe to do services maintaining the high performance of the lighting rigs. Scott has been working in TLS for 7 years.

He is on the road, meeting clients to make sure they are satisfied and get the most out of their TLS lighting rigs. TLS offers turf lighting as a service, and we strive to ensure that your high expectations are met.

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